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About Pencil Dude's Site

Dear Visitor,

I can't believe that we're going into the 8th year here at this site! I launched this site in May of 2000.

Over the years this site has had various focuses and what not. But now, I'm narrowing things down and trying to simplify some of my projects.

Although most of my attention is on my other sites these days, some of which you can find on the sidebar of this page, there's still some interesting pages on this site.

If you love art, be sure to check out my Art, Drawing and Painting Books page!

Q: Where did all the pages go? A: I had to tidy up and narrow things down.

Q: Who is\Why the name the "Pencil Dude"? A: The Pencil Dude, also known as PencilDude is Robin's (my) pseudonym or pen name. I've been writing under that name since 2000. The name came about in a couple of ways. 1. I used to sell pencils on this site, and 2. I like to write with a pencil (I write everything in pencil before I commit it to the computer), and I also like to sketch, and doodle with my pencils.

How to contact me: Email:

So, welcome and poke around for a bit.

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